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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pattern Mixing: Stripes

Okay. There is a lot of stripes going on here. But in my bias option, it works. Because the stripes are so subtle, and because it is all tonal, it's not so in your face. Again, I'm using one one my favourite combinations here too -- a complementary colour mix. You can never go wrong with a blue and orange combo. And that is not my bias opinion, that is pure, design principle fact. Throw a little bit of colour on with a little bit of texture and baby you've got an outfit going.**

Coat | Uniqlo
Scarf | Banana Republic
Skirt and Top | Gap

Shoes | GH Bass & Co. ( From Winners!)

** If you thought of this after reading that last line, then we just became best friends.****

**** And then if you thought of this, that solidifies it.