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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Obsession: Menswear Inspired Trend

Okay. I am loving this menswear inspired trend going on lately. Which has just made me think, "Why haven't I made a board for that yet?" Yes, I am a pinterest addict. But that is besides the point. Okay. Menswear. Back on track. I'm loving this trend. I think it just looks so sharp. This coat I picked up at H&M a while back for super cheap. A good place to look for a coat similar to this would be your local charity shop! Trust me. It is an amazing place to score things like coats and jackets. Another menswear inspired trend I'm loving is the men's inspired shoe. But that's a whole other post! I almost forgot to mention this great sweater I picked up the other week. Not going to lie, I've been practically living in it. I love the hem on this sweater and the contrasting blue detailing, and the dropped sleeves. Ahh I could go on - But I won't.  

Sweater: J.Crew
Scarf: H&M

If you're not into the idea of thrift shopping for one of these coats, here are a few other options for you!

Trend: Menswear Inspired Winter Coats

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