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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Necessity: Long Knit Cardi

Alright. It's getting colder out there. Therefore, more layering is necessary. And I mean a lot more. I've recently added this long knit cardigan to my wardrobe. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time - wardrobe wise. At first I was skeptical. It looked a bit, I don't know, too boho perhaps? Not that boho is a bad thing. But after buying it I realized I can wear it with so many things. This outfit if just one of the more casual everyday options. I can pair this thing with a skirt and blouse combo too. It's because of it's length I think, that it can go with so much. You definitely won't have that too long too short problem with this thing. You know what I mean when you pair a cardigan with a dress or skirt that's just slightly longer than the waist line. Yeah. You won't have to deal with that. Plus, you'll look super comfy chic.  You know that sweater that Jocelyn wore in Jane Austin Book club? You'll feel just as comfy as she looked. We all know we we're pining over that sweater. At least I know I was.  Actually, let's face it. I still want that sweater. If you find anything that resembles that sweater online, please send me the link.

And for your reference that's the cardigan I want. Nay. Need. Jocelyn is 3rd from the left. 

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  1. Love this sweater! It looks so cute with the chambray top!