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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Holiday Outfit Fun : Coloured Coats

Alright alright. Time to bust out those sequins, rhinestones and jewel tones. It's that time of year again. Despite this amazing all black trend that has been going on, I'm still trying to wear some colour. Because tis the season.  It just makes me happier, what can I say. I am seriously affected by colour. Last year it was my mission to get a bright coloured coat. It all started when I saw this girl in an amazing bright green coat. In a sea of dark winter wear this girl stood out from the crowd and just looked incredible. It was honestly a joyous sight. So I set out to get a brightly coloured winter coat. I honestly think everyone needs to add one to their wardrobe this season. Everyone also needs a holiday dress (or two).  I love my holiday dress. The print is an amazing faux sequin. All the joy and happiness of a sequin dress without the scratchiness of sequins! I paired the dress with my bright blue coat and metallic shoes, and the rest is history. I love holiday fashion. I mean how could you not?

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  1. I love this coat! It is such an amazing shade of blue! I'm with you- color makes me so much happier too :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. And I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Color is SO necessary for the winter! Love this outfit!

  3. Love that dress and coat and shoes!!!