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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Obsession: Menswear Inspired Trend

Okay. I am loving this menswear inspired trend going on lately. Which has just made me think, "Why haven't I made a board for that yet?" Yes, I am a pinterest addict. But that is besides the point. Okay. Menswear. Back on track. I'm loving this trend. I think it just looks so sharp. This coat I picked up at H&M a while back for super cheap. A good place to look for a coat similar to this would be your local charity shop! Trust me. It is an amazing place to score things like coats and jackets. Another menswear inspired trend I'm loving is the men's inspired shoe. But that's a whole other post! I almost forgot to mention this great sweater I picked up the other week. Not going to lie, I've been practically living in it. I love the hem on this sweater and the contrasting blue detailing, and the dropped sleeves. Ahh I could go on - But I won't.  

Sweater: J.Crew
Scarf: H&M

If you're not into the idea of thrift shopping for one of these coats, here are a few other options for you!

Trend: Menswear Inspired Winter Coats

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter Coats: The brighter the better

Hey Hey. Going off of my last post, I've decided to find a bunch of  fantastic winter coats in great colours you have to take a look at.  I hope you seriously consider adding a bright coloured coat to your closet this season. It'll make you so much happier. Imaaaagine if you saw more people wearing coats like these this season. I know I would be overjoyed!

JCrew | Double-cloth Patch-Pocket Cocoon Coat

ASOS | Coat in Trapeze with Faux Fur Collar

Zara | Zipped Boucle Coat

ASOS | Studio 4 London Slouch Coat in Fluffy Degrade Mohair

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Holiday Outfit Fun : Coloured Coats

Alright alright. Time to bust out those sequins, rhinestones and jewel tones. It's that time of year again. Despite this amazing all black trend that has been going on, I'm still trying to wear some colour. Because tis the season.  It just makes me happier, what can I say. I am seriously affected by colour. Last year it was my mission to get a bright coloured coat. It all started when I saw this girl in an amazing bright green coat. In a sea of dark winter wear this girl stood out from the crowd and just looked incredible. It was honestly a joyous sight. So I set out to get a brightly coloured winter coat. I honestly think everyone needs to add one to their wardrobe this season. Everyone also needs a holiday dress (or two).  I love my holiday dress. The print is an amazing faux sequin. All the joy and happiness of a sequin dress without the scratchiness of sequins! I paired the dress with my bright blue coat and metallic shoes, and the rest is history. I love holiday fashion. I mean how could you not?

Similar Items:

Coat: This from Zara
Dress: This or This from ModCloth

Thursday, 4 December 2014

70s Inspired: Fur Scarves and Wide Leg Jeans

Oh yes. It's begun again. Fur weather. Last year I was so excited to see glimpses of these fur scarves. Now they're everywhere. But I'm not going to lie, I kind of love it. Sure I loved being part of the inner circle, but any revival of a 70s trend, I am all for. I mean come on. What a glorious decade for fashion. I know so many women that are intimidated by the wide leg jean. Sure it can be a little scary, but people were scared of the skinny jean and now everyone is wearing them.  Wide leg jeans can make legs look just as long as skinny jeans too - if not longer! If you pair them with a short jacket, then it makes the top half of you look smaller, thus the rest of you is all leg! I feel a need to make these a staple in every woman's closet. I know this is a crazy pipe dream, but a girl can dream can't she? And I know I had a very similar post to this a few months ago, but I can't help feeling passionate about the topic. Join me in my crusade to revive the wide leg pant!

Similar Items:

Jeans: Gap (not super wide leg, however super lovely)
Jacket:  Uniqlo
Sweater: Joe Fresh
Scarf: Joe Fresh

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Necessity: Long Knit Cardi

Alright. It's getting colder out there. Therefore, more layering is necessary. And I mean a lot more. I've recently added this long knit cardigan to my wardrobe. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time - wardrobe wise. At first I was skeptical. It looked a bit, I don't know, too boho perhaps? Not that boho is a bad thing. But after buying it I realized I can wear it with so many things. This outfit if just one of the more casual everyday options. I can pair this thing with a skirt and blouse combo too. It's because of it's length I think, that it can go with so much. You definitely won't have that too long too short problem with this thing. You know what I mean when you pair a cardigan with a dress or skirt that's just slightly longer than the waist line. Yeah. You won't have to deal with that. Plus, you'll look super comfy chic.  You know that sweater that Jocelyn wore in Jane Austin Book club? You'll feel just as comfy as she looked. We all know we we're pining over that sweater. At least I know I was.  Actually, let's face it. I still want that sweater. If you find anything that resembles that sweater online, please send me the link.

And for your reference that's the cardigan I want. Nay. Need. Jocelyn is 3rd from the left. 

Similar Items:

Sweater:  same just in different colour from H&M 
Jeans: Old Navy
Shirt: Banana Republic
Scarf: H&M
Boots: ASOS