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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Texture Mixing : With Eva

Okay. Well. Today Eva and I headed to the beach. Because we're crazy. I have no other explanation. It was freezing.  Anyway,  I am loving this outfit. Eva is exploring this fur trend that's been happening lately. The sweater courtesy of her sister's closet, is amazing. This outfit plays with some serious colour mixing. The necklace with the pop of yellow against that blue was just so smart. I love a good blue and yellow combo. It just makes for such a sharp outfit. On top of the great colours going on, this outfit has so much texture mixing happening as well. The soft fluffy jacket contrasting the cold metal necklace, is perhaps my most favourite part of this outfit.

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  1. Love this outfit! I have a jacket similar to that one, so I love finding other ideas on how to style it!

    1. Hey thanks Courtney! I'm kind of loving this fur trend thats going on lately, but I agree it's fun to see how it can be styled because it's such an interesting piece!