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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New and Old : Clothing Mashup

And I'm back.  After a two week hiatus I'm back with some new digs. I think the past two weeks were spent doing a closet overhaul. Looking though my clothes, seeing what was was still worth wearing. You know, your regular bedroom fashion show. This skirt made the cut. I mean, how could it not. I bought it I think almost four years ago now, and I still love it. However, not going to lie, it was buried far away in my closet. So just when you think you have nothing to wear, do a closet overhaul and see what gems you'll find.  But just before I start to sound super preachy about recycling and reusing, the scarf is new. There, I admitted it. Because girls be shopping.

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Skirt: JCrew Factory
Sweater: JCrew Factory

*Scarf: I cant find this scarf online for you. But I can guarantee you can find it in store at H&M. I've seen them everywhere

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  1. Love love love! There's nothing quite like jewel tones! :)