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Thursday, 6 November 2014

All Black Outfit: Texture Mixing Galore

Alright. I know usually I'm drawn to bright colours and crazy prints. However, I'm loving these all black outfits lately. I must admit they look super chic. But I think there is a way in doing it so that there is still some visual interest going on with all of the black pieces.  That's why this outfit is look so amazing. I mean from the waxed finish on the jeans to the quilted mittens, there is just so much great texture mixing going on!

Scarf | She made. So go learn to knit. Or you could buy something like this on Etsy
Bag | Asos
Shoes (similar) | Asos
Coat (similar) |  DKNY
Jeans (similar) |  Gap
Gloves (similar) |  Asos


  1. All black is everything! Would be amazing if you could check out my blog too! :)


    1. Thanks! I will definitely give you a look!

  2. Hi Katherine! This is the first time I see your blog and is the first time that I write. I'm a blogger from Italy. I like very much this outfit, especially your beautiful coat! Today I have started following you on Google+. Hope you follow me back. What do you think to follow us also on Bloglovin! Let me know....Have a nice day, kisses,