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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Texture Mixing : With Eva

Okay. Well. Today Eva and I headed to the beach. Because we're crazy. I have no other explanation. It was freezing.  Anyway,  I am loving this outfit. Eva is exploring this fur trend that's been happening lately. The sweater courtesy of her sister's closet, is amazing. This outfit plays with some serious colour mixing. The necklace with the pop of yellow against that blue was just so smart. I love a good blue and yellow combo. It just makes for such a sharp outfit. On top of the great colours going on, this outfit has so much texture mixing happening as well. The soft fluffy jacket contrasting the cold metal necklace, is perhaps my most favourite part of this outfit.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New and Old : Clothing Mashup

And I'm back.  After a two week hiatus I'm back with some new digs. I think the past two weeks were spent doing a closet overhaul. Looking though my clothes, seeing what was was still worth wearing. You know, your regular bedroom fashion show. This skirt made the cut. I mean, how could it not. I bought it I think almost four years ago now, and I still love it. However, not going to lie, it was buried far away in my closet. So just when you think you have nothing to wear, do a closet overhaul and see what gems you'll find.  But just before I start to sound super preachy about recycling and reusing, the scarf is new. There, I admitted it. Because girls be shopping.

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*Scarf: I cant find this scarf online for you. But I can guarantee you can find it in store at H&M. I've seen them everywhere

Thursday, 6 November 2014

All Black Outfit: Texture Mixing Galore

Alright. I know usually I'm drawn to bright colours and crazy prints. However, I'm loving these all black outfits lately. I must admit they look super chic. But I think there is a way in doing it so that there is still some visual interest going on with all of the black pieces.  That's why this outfit is look so amazing. I mean from the waxed finish on the jeans to the quilted mittens, there is just so much great texture mixing going on!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Get Happy: With Colour

Okay. So. Clocks went back this weekend. Meaning more darkness. Ugh. And even though I am being attracted by these all black outfits lately (as you can see on my pinterest page) I don't think that's something I can really do- at least not everyday.  I need bright colours to cope with the darkness we're now facing. Eva totally gets it. She's bringing bright pops of green and orange to her outfits on these now dark and gloomy days.

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