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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Oh Beautiful Scarf Weather

Okay. I know. This is very monochromatic of me.  That's why I tossed the scarf in to make things a little interesting. I don't know if you're like me when, you're wearing a scarf and you'll constantly re-tie it to see which way looks best. And then you'll move it around here and there just to get it perfect. Yeah well, that's what happened in this blog shoot.  A scarf worn every which way. I kind of love the casual way in the first picture, where its just tossed over my shoulder. I may go for that look more often. A girl has to think about her outfit in these minute details right?

The scarf on feature is from Forever21, from years ago. So granted I cannot just link you to that scarf. However here are a couple that are just as good.

Joe Fresh- Nordic Knit Circle Scarf
H&M- Checked Scarf
Topshop- Oversized Striped Tape Edge Blanket Scarf ( I kind of need this scarf. Nope. Definitely do.)

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