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Friday, 10 October 2014

October Week 2- Friday Favourites!

Hay. Let's get this started!

1. This Song : Hayden - Almost Everything

I discovered this on the radio this week on my way home from work. I was listening to CBC Radio 2 and this beauty came on. As soon as I heard that harmonica I was hooked. And thankfully they stated the artist after the song was played so I didn't have to go into a Google frenzy when I got in trying to figure out who the artist was.

2. This Article


Okay. Perhaps it's not a happy topic. But I like that the issue is being addressed. Everytime I go downtown I'm scared to even make eye contact with a man out of fear I will get some crazy comment or remark. Yes that may sound paranoid, but it has happened so many times now, that I just come to expect it. I am always questioning what goes on through their minds when they whistle or shout at me. Do they think I'm just going to walk on over and be like " Hey sexy baby." I DON'T GET IT.

3. This Tweet

On a happier, funnier, lighter note, I've rediscovered my love for Seinfeld after reading Jason Alexander's hilarious tweet this past week.

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