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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Patterned Pants and Scarves

Hey hey.  I don`t know where you are in the world, but where I am it was pretty darn cold out today. Feeling pretty crisp out indeed. So crisp that it called for me to bring out the blanket scarf. Not that I`m complaining!

Doing some blogging on the porch today!

And hey! It`s my first .gif on the blog! How exciting!

Jacket - Thrifted
Pants - Joe Fresh
Shoes - Asos
Scarf - Forever21


  1. Ahhhh, love the .gif! And of course the outfit too!

    1. Thanks gurl! Lets take some photos soon!

  2. Love your polka dot pants :)
    Polka dot is just a classy yet playful print, and I love it especially in pants form - now to find a pair of my own!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Hey Linda,

      Thanks so much! Yeah I love this Polka Dot because it's a subtle black on black. These are from last year but I'm sure you can find similar ones this year!