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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Autumn Leaves and Autumn Fashion in Full Swing

Hey there.  Sorry for my lack of post earlier this week. But as you can in this post today, I was enjoying the lovely fall colours up north with my dearest cousin Stephanie. I feel as though every woman needs an interesting article of clothing in their wardrobe. Something that's so unique that every time they put it on they feel instantly fashionable. That's what this blouse is for Stephanie. The top is so unique from the tie neck to the pleated peplum and the spade print. Something like this is so easy to pair with jeans or even a legging to make a super easy and awesome outfit.  Toss on some jewellery and you're looking incredibly chic. 

That's right. It was a yellow canopy of leaves. I've never seen them so gorgeous! 

Jacket | Zara
Watch | Fossil
Bracelet | Pandora
Shoes | Sam Edelman
Top | Some Boutique she can't remember 

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