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Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Favourites

Hi there. I know. I skipped my Thursday post. Whoops. It's because I've been spending so much time in Toronto because of TIFF I've fallen behind with some blog posts. But we're back to normal now, so lets get started with these favourites of mine.

1. New way to tie a Scarf

This over one shoulder, essentially a scarf sling, is amazing. I'm in love with the idea of wearing a scarf like this. Courtey of ExPress-o

2. Silicon Valley

I kind of love this show. Its like the nerdier version of How to Make it in America.  Definitely recommended.

3. Berry Stained Lip

 I am so obsessed with this lip shade.  I've purchased so many lip colours within the past few weeks in the hopes of achieving this look. So far I love the Twist-Up Retractable Lipstick Crayon from Anabelle. I bought it in Vamp, which looks terrifyingly intimidating because the stick almost looks black, but it goes on very sheer and very berry.

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