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Friday, 5 September 2014

F.F. (Friday Favourites)

Hi again. Another Friday has come and gone and there has been a whole bunch of stuff that's made me happy yet again. So let's begin.

1. The South of France

Source | French Property

This past week my friends and I have been scheming up a way to move the the south of France and start a lifestyle blog. So naturally I have already started looking for apartments. Look at this adorable place I found! We've also all been to the south of France before, so it wouldn't be that crazy to move there since we've already done some "research". Right?

2. Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF started this week! And this is the first year that I'll actually be seeing some movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. I figured may as well start with a bang so I'm going to be seeing six movies this year. What We do in the Shadows is one of them- and I couldn't be more excited. Perhaps when TIFF is done I can give you the low-down on all the movies I've seen. Perhaps.

3.  The Simpsons Instagram Account

If you are a Simpsons fan like myself, then you will truly appreciate the greatness of this Instagram account. I spent over an hour on it last night watching endless hilarious clips, such as chop, chop, dig, dig.  Find it here.

4. Fashion Week

With the start of New York Fashion Week yesterday comes not only fantastic runway looks but street fashion as well.  Ah I love this time of year. So far yesterday's Whit show had me losing my mind and praying for summer not to end. Perhaps its just because I am a huge sucker for mixed prints and full skirts, but this show just had me wanting more. Three of my favourites from the collection are above. The rest of it can be viewed here on Actually is a great resource for all things fashion week!

5. Ikea Catalogue Commercial

Yes. This is pure genius. Because I'm obsessed with Ikea and not very partial to apple products, this ad just kills me. Ikea has had some great ads in the past. They're really good at creating humorous ads that really target their younger consumers.  I mean have you seen the cat one?  Us twenty-something Ikea lovers who are all up on the YouTube cat videos can totally appreciate this. Where as our parents not so much. I can just hear my dad's commentary on the cat video now, "Just put a cat on anything and people will buy it. What's with these crazy people?!"

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