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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Red Brick and Blue Stripes

Hey. It's my stylish friend Eva being featured on the blog again. She's wearing this amazing blue striped shift dress from Topshop, that I'm in love with. I have an obsession with the colour blue. Specifically with this bright blue shade. I'm drawn to it like a woman drawn to a bar of chocolate (sorry for the poor metaphor). So many people think that if they wear a dress it's automatically 'fancy'. I'm actually blown away by that really. Every time I wear even a simple cotton dress, I always get the "Ohhh where are you going dressed all fancy?" So we made this an extra casual affair by pairing the dress with some simple white keds. It's as casual as a dress can get people.  

Dress | Topshop (a great dress in the same shape can be found here on Asos)
Shoes | Keds 

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