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Friday, 4 July 2014

Post Vacation Treat

Just when I thought I would be back to the regular schedule, I go up north and I'm without Internet for days. My apologies. But I'm back now and photos are back in full swing. Being back from vacation means I have more time to focus on this blog of mine. Ah yes, vacation. Let's get to that. While on vacation I thought I would be shopping like crazy. I thought I would be buying crazy cute things left, right and centre. I soon came to realize that I have a sweet deal back home. Talk about expensive. With the exchange rate I would have been insane to spend all my money on clothes in Europe, when I can buy stuff at home for waaaaay cheaper. So as soon as I got home, I went shopping-and this is what happened. 

Zara is what happened. The top and pallazo pants (flowies, as I like to call them) are both from Zara. I went a bit mental at Zara. But that's okay, because it's my birthday soon. And a girl's got to treat herself. No?

Bottoms | Zara- Palazzo Pants

This amazing little briefcase/laptop bag I bought in England. I scored it for a cool £4 at a vintage fair. And admission was £2 so I grand total of £6. I think I won big on that one.

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