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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July | Online shopping carts

Okay. I have this problem where I constantly go to the same websites and place the same items into my shopping cart. And then I'll stare at the items- and think. Should I or shouldn't I buy it. I literally do this everyday. It's become a real problem. So I've decided to share my recent shopping cart obsessions with you. Maybe you can help me decide. Because this is killing me.

I mean how cute are these shorts? And hello. Sale. My only concern is how mini is the short?

So this is definitely my colour. The entire ensemble is gorgeous however I can do just with the short.
And it's on sale. I think that last time I visited Zara just ruined me. I haven't seen a good Zara 
sale in quite some time. So I'm pretty excited.

Okay. I am actually obsessed with the idea of owning these. 

I mean look how cute. 

I'm obsessed with the mixed metallic sandals lately. Gap had a similar pair that I would stare at obsessively in my shopping cart too but then they sold out. 
Then I found these! 

These are also TDF. 

Oh God. The more I write about all this stuff the more I want it all. 
Someone save me from myself. 

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