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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sarah Stevenson for Target

Winner of the Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition, Sarah Stevenson has created an exclusive collection for Target.

I'm sorry. What the heck. Why has there not been a bigger hype about the Sarah Stevenson collection for Target?  Yeah. That's right. There is a new designer collaboration with Target out right now and most of us probably don't know about it. Peter Pilotto. That one was all the rage. This one, not so much. And I do not understand why! Okay. Yes. I understand why. She is not a world renowned designer like Peter Pilotto or the other huge names Target has partnered with before. And the collection is only available at Target in Canada. But hello! This collection in my eyes, is way better than some of the previous huge collaborations. This collection is much more practical. It's less outrageous and over the top, and can be worn by far more women.  It's beautiful, feminine and floral and I love it.

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