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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

5 Brilliantly Patterned One Piece Swimsuits

Okay. So. Everyone is on vacation for reading week, or is planning a March break getaway and I am stuck here freezing in Toronto. I'm left here thinking the only way I can cope with this winter is to pretend I'm going on a beach getaway too. So I am bringing you my top five one piece swimsuits, all beautifully patterned of course.  I feel like the one piece is having a comeback. A few years ago I could never find a beautiful one piece. Now they're all the rage and that I am thankful for. Having swam all my life I feel most comfortable in a one piece. Not only are they classic, modest and elegant, a one piece can look great on pretty much every body type! Some of these have built in belts or are cut in such a way that compliment every woman's curves. Now go on! Get out there and soak up those rays!