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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hello Breton Stripes!

Classified as a cotton white top with horizontal stripes, the breton striped shirt dates back to 1858. It was at this time that the breton stripe was being worn by the French Navy.  Long story short, Coco Chanel took a trip to southern France and was so inspired by the stripes that she then incorporated them into her 1917 nautical collection, and the rest is history.

The breton stripe. This versatile stripe, I tend to consider a neutral these days. Mixing it with other fun patterned bottoms creates an interesting outfit with minimal effort. I’m trying to be more daring when it comes to outfits lately. I’m trying to say to hell with the rules of fashion and just throw on what I like and that’s that. After all the whole point of fashion is to express yourself through your clothes, so why restrict your creative freedom?

I find it incredible that every year come mid-February when spring merchandise rolls out onto the sales floor this iconic pattern can be found in abundance. It comes just at a time when everyone is sick of winter and it gives them hope that spring is around the corner. I know that when I see this stripe in the store I immediately start to mentally plan my summer adventure. I always conjure up images of myself somewhere warm, and coastal, enjoying some gelato, listening to street musicians, as I walk with a bounce in my step. I can’t help thinking of the end of school term when I see this stripe too. I think of how at terms end, I’ll be able to wear this out, with no jacket. My beautiful stripes exposed to all and no longer hidden under the burden of a heavy woolen coat! Ahh. It’s amazing what a simple white stripe shirt can do. 

Here’s to the Breton stripe. For keeping us hopeful in those bitter cold months of February, and restoring that summer glimmer in our eyes.